Workshop Proceedings of the 18th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media

Workshop: ICWSM 2024 Data Challenge: Research Data in a Post-API, Decentralized, and Walled Garden Web

DOI: 10.36190/2024.73

Published: 2024-06-01
Introduction to National Internet Observatory
Alvaro Feal, Jeffrey Gleason, Pranav Goel, Jason Radford, Kai-Cheng Yang, John Basl, Michelle Meyer, David Choffnes, Christo Wilson, David Lazer

The National Internet Observatory (NIO) aims to help researchers study online behavior. Participants install a browser extension and/or mobile apps to donate their online activity data along with comprehensive survey responses. The infrastructure will offer approved researchers access to a suite of structured, parsed content data for selected domains to enable analyses and understanding of Internet use in the US. This is all conducted within a robust research ethics framework, emphasizing ongoing informed consent and multiple layers, technical and legal, of interventions to protect the values at stake in data collection, data access, and research. This paper provides a brief overview of the NIO infrastructure, the data collected, the participants, and the researcher intake process.